End of English Course!

Our Dolphins finished their English course past Friday, May 18th, 2018, and we are very excited to share this with you!

Join us celebrating them:

Fin de curso de inglés

Top Row: Lissette Rosas, Fulvia Adames, Alma Bonilla, Amalicia González, Ilsa Arenas, Diana McKindo, Saturnina Sánchez.                                               Bottom Row: Iris de Fuller, Silvia Sánchez, Juan Bernal, Yariela Ríos y Melanie Laguna.


We have new mommys at ISP!!!

Our dear Yanitza Jaén and Grisel Camperos have been blessed with their beautiful babies and want to share with us their joy.

Welcome Diego Enrique Iglesias Camperos, and Yanitza Itzel Vásquez Jaén:

Grisel's baby  Yani's baby

Many blessings and health for these new family members!!!


A round of applause!

Celebrate with us the first groups of CPR trained ISP staff by our very own ISP trainers!!!

From April 17th to April 20th a group of ISP staff attended theoretical and practical sessions to learn and acquire skills to respond to emergency situations. In this sessions, they also learned to take care of themselves and others while assisting a victim.

In the end, they received their official certification after a theoretical and practical exam.

Group 1

Facilitators: Millitza Maimone and Evaristo Bellido.

Certified staff:

Top row: Sebastián Pineda, John Gutiérrez, Mitzela Zaldívar and Jessica Rodríguez. Bottom row: Melanie Laguna, Ana Ariza, Morena Chettani and Nora Amores.            Absent in picture: Mariela Contreras y Ricaurte Henríquez.

CPR 1rst Group

Group 2

Facilitator: Javier González.

Certified staff:

  1. Carlos Tejada
  2. Daniel Lamela
  3. Luis Chacon
  4. Kimberly Kirton
  5. Katherine Ghinaglia
  6. Ana Catalina Restrepo