Spanish Language Program “Culture and Communication”

Do you want to improve your Spanish while you are in Panama?

Join the weekly-two-hours workshop for Spanish intermediate/advanced level  for foreign residents in Panama!

These are the topics:

1. Socializing:

Introductions In the Café/ Restaurant
Meeting people Making arrangements
Social etiquette Time and dates
Proper gestures Appointments
Eye contact Emergency services
Topics to avoid Useful contacts

2. Host country overview:

History Customs
Cross-culture orientations Climate
Accommodations Dangers and annoyances
Activities Food

3. Managing the transition: 

Sharing intercultural experiences
Learning the host language for discussing cultural differences
Cultural values and communication styles

The instructor is Graciela Bareiro, a cross-cultural training and leadership consultant, and founder of Nexos Initiative for Expats.

Their mission is to help expats overcome the cultural shock by improving their Spanish language skills.

Please, feel free to contact them at

NEXOS Initiative for Expats
Cross-Cultural Training & Leadership
Phone: (507) 209-0786
Mobile: (507) 6269-4472
Skype: graciela.bareiro1