Captain Kirk needs a new spaceship (carpool) adventure!

Kirk Japowicz is looking to move to a new destination with carpooling options!

Name: Kirk Jopowicz

I am narrowing down my choices for housing in several neighborhoods and one of the final pieces is transportation. I am between Bella Vista, El Cangrejo, Villa de las Fuentes, El Dorado, Dos Mares, and San Francisco. If you live here, and have room in your car, please let me know what part of town your carpool originates from and how early it gets to ISP. I have classes first thing in the morning and like to get here as early as possible.



House Sitter Needed for Christmas Break – December 20th through January 5th

I am looking for a  house sitter for December Break. Jordan (my son) and I (Nicole) are heading home as my mother has had surgery and can’t travel to visit us (as originally planned).

We don’t have a full time maid (though looking for one) and need someone to stay at the house to take care of 3 of our dogs, 1 bunny, 1 iguana, (?) fish, and to water the plants as well. Very important: Must love dogs!!!

Dates are Dec 20th (we leave mid day) to Jan 5th. 17 days.

Contact: or 6980-1010

With Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn

With Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn